Hair Dyeing Guide: DIY vs Salon Visits | Expert Tips & Advice

The decision between dyeing your hair at home or visiting a salon can be daunting. Let me assure you, opting for a salon doesn’t guarantee satisfaction every time, just as dyeing at home doesn’t always result in failure.

Many of you might be inspired by online influencers to try the “first-time” hair dyeing experience at home. If so, don’t worry, keep reading.

If your hair is all-natural (meaning it’s newly grown and hasn’t been permed or dyed before), brown is a great choice. It’s resilient, less prone to fading, and offers excellent coverage. Even if your hair has dual tones (as long as they’re not red, purple, or green), you can directly dye it brown.

Now, let’s talk about colors you should never attempt to dye at home.

If your hair has multiple tones, like black roots, red or other colors in the middle, and another color at the tips, even the best products won’t suffice for home dyeing.

If your hair has been previously lightened, or bleached, it’s not advisable to dye it at home, except for black.

Trendy colors, like pink, blue, purple, or teal, are best left to professionals. Don’t try to DIY these shades; it’s wise to visit a salon.

Lastly, if you’re dyeing at home, it’s best to have a helping hand. Otherwise, you risk making a mess that’s hard to clean up, leading to more trouble than it’s worth.

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