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For three decades, we’ve been deeply immersed in the hair dye industry. Our renowned brands, SIGLO and Mama’s Love, reign supreme in numerous countries across South America and Africa, boasting dealers renowned for their stellar reputation.

We extend a warm welcome to hair dye wholesalers worldwide, offering a diverse range of high-quality hair dye products.

For over 30 years, SIGLO has spearheaded professional hair color innovations, enabling individuals to relish salon-quality hair coloring experiences in the comfort of their homes. Our permanent hair colors are meticulously crafted to facilitate the realization of any desired look – whether it’s a striking, audacious transformation or a subtle, natural elegance imbued with lustrous depth.

Transform your hair with the siglo hair dye product. black hair color with our list of top-rated black hair dye brand that you can use at home!Transform your hair with the siglo hair dye product. black hair color with our list of top-rated black hair dye brand that you can use at home!

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The Siglo

Discover Siglo’s wide selection of black hair dye products, Achieve stunning results with our hair dye for curly, short, natural hair, men, and women.

Top hot-selling products:

Top hot-selling products by Siglo:

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Highlight the convenience and quality of Siglo’s hair dye products, emphasizing the ability to achieve salon-like results without leaving home.


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Unlok your hair’s true Potential, Achieve your dream look with ease!

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Explore our 30-year legacy in the hair dye industry. Discover our globally acclaimed brands, SIGLO and Mama’s Love, trusted by wholesalers across South America and Africa. Experience innovative hair coloring solutions for salon-quality results at home.


Achieve your dream look with ease

Siglo understands the importance of convenience in your beauty routine. Our black hair dye products are designed with user-friendly application in mind. Enjoy a hassle-free dyeing experience!

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