December 2014

The Hazards of Hair Dyeing: Understanding Risks and Safe Practices

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Approximately 100 years ago, humans invented artificial hair dye. Today, hair coloring has become a common practice for many. Young people use it to showcase fashion, while middle-aged and elderly individuals use it to appear younger. However, media reports about the potential hazards of hair dye, such as cancer and kidney damage, have never ceased. Which hair dye habits can lead to increased harm? And what methods can reduce the damage caused by dyeing hair? Potential Hazards of Hair Dye "According to epidemiological statistics, 50% of people will dye their hair at least twice in their lifetime," said Dr. Liang [...]

Hair Dyeing Guide: DIY vs Salon Visits | Expert Tips & Advice

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The decision between dyeing your hair at home or visiting a salon can be daunting. Let me assure you, opting for a salon doesn't guarantee satisfaction every time, just as dyeing at home doesn't always result in failure. Many of you might be inspired by online influencers to try the "first-time" hair dyeing experience at home. If so, don't worry, keep reading. If your hair is all-natural (meaning it's newly grown and hasn't been permed or dyed before), brown is a great choice. It's resilient, less prone to fading, and offers excellent coverage. Even if your hair has dual tones [...]

Decoding Hair Color Harmony: Why Some Shine Naturally and Others Need a Dye Job

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Introduction: Ever wondered why some individuals rock their natural hair color effortlessly while others shine brighter with a dye job? Let's delve into the fascinating world of the Four Seasons Color Theory, where each person's unique traits are harmonized with the characteristics of the four seasons, encompassing hair color, eye color, lip shade, skin tone, facial expression, body type, and even personality traits. Understanding Color Compatibility: Cool Summers/Winters: Individuals falling under this category exude a cool and composed aura. For them, flamboyant hair colors may overshadow their innate elegance, disrupting the balance of their natural beauty. Maturity Transformation: Switching from [...]

What’s the ideal frequency for hair dyeing?

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What's the ideal frequency for hair dyeing? From a health perspective, the recommended hair dyeing cycle is 2-3 times a year, aligning with the natural pace of hair growth and the metabolic cycle of dye within the body. Therefore, it's advisable to wait around four months to six months before dyeing your hair again. However, it's crucial to remind everyone that if there are any wounds or scars on the scalp, it's best to avoid dyeing, as it can easily lead to inflammation. Additionally, women should refrain from dyeing during pregnancy and menstruation. Looking at it from a trichological perspective, [...]

Hair Dye Risks: Insights and Safety Tips

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Understanding the Risks and Safety Measures of Hair Dyeing Hair dyeing agents fall under the category of Class 3 carcinogens, sharing a similar risk level as caffeine. Both animal and population studies haven't provided conclusive evidence of carcinogenicity, hence there's no need for excessive concern. Recently, a renowned international academic journal, the "International Journal of Cancer," published an online paper discussing the correlation between hair dye use and the risk of breast cancer. This study included 46,709 women aged 35 to 74 and tracked them for an average of 8 years. The findings revealed that women using permanent hair dye [...]

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