Sandra Anderson

This is very easy to mix and apply; the bottle tip is a great help for sectioning hair. I get a little messy with application, but I never have trouble with cleanup. . . yet the color doesn’t fade any faster than dye I’ve gotten at the salon.

James Park

Was very pleased with the color and condition of my hair, wonderful hair coloring experince.

Louise Frank

SIGLO hair dye is very light pleasant smell, covers grey initially, easy application that takes 10 minutes to cover the entire head and 30 minutes to absorb, no messes on face or anywhere else, inexpensive, rinses easily in the shower, wonderful conditioner that makes hair silky smooth, non-irritating and most importantly…. color is radiant and matches the box.

Sammy Smith

I like the resulting color, and it’s the only boxed dye my hair seems to have no bad reaction to, so it’s a keeper. It did cover my greys better this time, although even they seem to be reddish. But that’s okay because they blend well with the darker hair.

Miranda Dekay

This is by far my favorite hair dye. I’ve used a lot and always come back to this . It leaves hair feeling and looking better than before every time. Comes in a wide range of colors for every look and style. This is an amazing deal for this product. Higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality and This hair dye proves it. Full gray coverage, long lasting,no straw hair after application and it doesn’t fade out the first week. Amazing Product.

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