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SIGLO Hair Dye

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Hair Beauty SIGLO HAIR DYE Pellentesque in ipsum id orci porta dapibus proin eget tortor risus alet. SIGLO Product included 1 bagged of hair dye cream 30ml bottled hair dye cream 30ml one pair of disposable gloves Aloe protein conditioner Ingredients 2 1: water, cetearyl, alcohol, propyleneglycol, mineral oil, petrolatum, p-phenylenediamine etha-nolamine, ceteareth-25, cetrimonium chloride, resorcinol, sodiumerythorbate, parfum 2: hydrogenperoxide ,cetearyl ,alcoholmineral oil, ceteareth-25etidr-onic acid, disodium phosphate, parfum, sodium stannate [...]

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